about me

Music has been part of my life since I can remember: as a child I would sing entertaining my whole family. I grew up with this calling and it became stronger and stronger as time went by. I made my calling my profession and today, as a grown up I am happy with every opportunity to sing I get: be it in shows and events, with friends, the privacy of my own home or even in the synagogue pursuing my role of a chazanit:

I enjoy singing in the temple with my entire being. I have the pleasure to sing my tunes and make people reach within their most profound and inner thoughts. It is through this energy that it extends to who may need it the most. Playing a role in the community is key for me, as it has accompanied me since I was a very little girl and I feel connected, and connecting with others, fulfilling my sense of belonging.

When I am heard, it is said that the emotion, the profoundness and the contact with feeling the musicality is what make people want to listen to my voice. I want you to be part of my path, so we can unite our melodies and create a whole beautiful one.

“To sing means to use the voice of our souls. It means to say what is true about our own power, and our own necessity, to instill in the soul what is ill or is in need of recovery.” (Women Who Run with the Wolves, 1992.)



First Steps

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1986, Veronica Freidkes started her music path by attending Jewish Schools, where she grew up surrounded and supported by this culture, within her family, school, Jewish Camp, Bat Mitzvah and Jewish Camp Counselor, to name a few.

When she was 6 years old she joined the Children Community Choir. Additionally, she took piano lessons for 7 years and vocal technique since she was 14. Throughout High School, she actively participated in musical activities and School Festivals, making herself be acquainted with the habit of going onstage, singing and touching people with her own voice.

Academic background and experience

She has participated in locutions, voice-overs, and imitating voices for cartoons, making this activity a game to play and explore with her voice - a tool- which proved her to be fun.

She has started the path as a Chazanit for over 10 years, paving the way for her experience singing and becoming part of B’nei Mitzvah ceremonies, weddings/Chuppot, Kabbalat Shabbat services, High Holidays and other community holidays.

She has used her voice within diverse Jewish Communities in Argentina like Fundación Judaica CIRA Temple Libertad, Temple Bet Jai Natan Gesang, Comunidad Hebrea Or Jadash, Bet Am del Oeste, Mishkan Congregación del Judaísmo Reformista, among others.

She studied to be a Psychologist at University of Buenos Aires (2005-2012) and she specialized in psychosomatic medicine (2013-2014). She also studied for a postgraduate degree in Psychoanalytical Clinic (2013-2015) and many internship in public hospitals. She then started her professional career, having today her own practice.